Welcome to Beyond the Wall

“Beyond the Wall” is a borrowed phrase from the book and television series Game of Thrones.  In the fictional world of this series, the phrase describes anything beyond the great wall in the North, which separates the supposed civilized and principled world of educated men and the wild lands inhabited by the supposed barbaric natives that distance themselves from the more industrialized and corrupted kingdoms south of the wall.

Of course, the series makes it all a matter of perspective and plays upon the viewers taste. One person may be more inclined to identify with the “barbarians”, while others may be more inclined to side with those “civilized” men.

But this is precisely the problem today for many traditional Conservatives. Of course, many people are inclined to see us as a barbaric, uneducated brood of people. Terms like “racist” and “bigot” are often used to belittle us. The fictional series mentioned above presents a unique analogy, since in this series the wall was erected by those that held the power and numbers. Should we be surprised to learn that these same people see themselves as educated and those beyond the wall as uneducated and barbaric? Of course we shouldn’t.

Liberalism has achieved unrivaled popularity in the last couple of centuries, becoming more intense and perverted along the way. As it has gained more power, possessing the spirits and minds of a great number of people, it has cast those who vocally and practically demonstrate any serious difference from it outside of itself. Those who declare that Liberalism is a threat to the integrity of Western Civilization are beyond the wall; they inhabit the “uncivilized”, “barbaric” and “brutish” land of a world much older and outdated than the supposed civilized and progressive world.

Hence, the title of this blog – a hub for my thoughts and feelings on the reconditioning of the Western man under the power of Liberalism.




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