All of a sudden, More Liberals celebrate America.

Behold! More¬†Liberals than usual are expressing their public fondness for America. In years past, we rainbow-statue-of-libertywere never without the constant reminder of America’s past transgressions (and so it’s ugliness) by our Liberal brothers and sisters. Of course, this was always passed off as a means to temper the excessive and misplaced pride of Conservatives who allegedly delude themselves (and some do, make no mistake) about the awesome nation that is America. But, as I suspect, it was always more of a hidden disdain for the traditions (now almost non-existent) that characterized America. Veterans loved to fight for these values and citizens loved to thank them for it.

But now that’s changing…

More Liberals than ever are¬†suddenly posting numerous photos with flags on social media, their unwavering love for America, and express their gratitude for veterans. Basically, Liberals love what America now stands for: a land where the individual and their personal expression of self is venerated as something sacred. With homosexuality given equal standing as traditional marriage, the welcoming of Bruce Jenner as female, lax immigration policies, declining national identity and a rise in white hatred, there’s much for Liberals to celebrate this Fourth of July. It reinforces the idea that Liberals only love and celebrate something if and only if it conforms – or begins to conform – to their collective will.

Happy Fourth of July.