You Cannot Love Your Own People and Be Multicultural

Here’s a question to think about: globalface

Is it possible to appreciate and love your culture and be multicultural at the same time?

I for one think it is utterly impossible to adhere to both. My culture factors into my identity and personality (as do many other things, like genetics and nurturing by my parents when I was younger for example). As such, it separates me in specific ways from those not parented by the same cultural standards. Culture therefore has a natural way of dividing people, at least in a particular way.

Multiculturalism assumes that the standards born out of culture are not only relative but also arbitrary. A history of each society, how it has evolved, according to those who have ascended to power, have determined these arbitrary standards which are neither true or false. Nobody has the “Truth”. We all have different yet equally valuable ways of encountering reality. Blending those interpretations, ideas, customs and “truths”, etc. will only enrich our human experience, so the story goes according to a Multiculturalist.

Multiculturalism is then asking you to accept that your culture and civilization is no better than anyone else’s. It says you can love all cultures the same. While this seems noble and respectable, especially in a civilization that has been told time and again that by having a sense of pride in one’s history, in their culture and customs, even their identity is wrong, it is anything but respectable. One can only have a sense of pride and appreciation of a standard in their life if it sets them apart from others in such a way that puts them closer to an ideal. The only thing that can do this is truth. It is never respectable to neutralize your cultural standard because it is never respectable to deny truth – or even imply that your cultural standards are not true or even aligned with such a thing.  People are proud of their cultures because people naturally believe – even if they are wrong or until proven wrong – that their culture and cultural practices isn’t lacking truth.

The only people who are happy to accept multiculturalism are Westerners, especially white people. But we must stop this destructive behavior and this experiment should be closed off, locked away, and sunk to the deepest depths and darkest hole. You simply cannot love your culture, your people, your way of life and invite an agenda that asks you to think ever less of those things. If some social ideology came about that prompted you to love your family less so you could love non-family more and more, you would naturally be suspicious – but when Multiculturalism and “diversity” implicitly ask you to love your people and heritage less and less in order to love those who are not of it more and more (even at the expense of your people and heritage) people are more than happy and to do it.

Rather than a respectable and loving thing, multiculturalism is anti-culture, anti-human and a kind of hatred. It is a kind of hatred because it exclusively focuses on the unsatisfactory things of a culture (mainly white cultures) until the people are so disgusted with it they are willing to invite every other cultural way in as kind of redemption and enriching feature. This can only point to one thing: a sense of pride and personal respect within a people is dried up and evaporated. This cannot be a source of love – a proper love of self or a love of the many things that make you YOU (true diversity)


Obama defines America as a minority nation, an immigrant nation, and a Multicultural nation.

In case you didn’t hear or read it, here are President Obama’s words at the 50th anniversary of Selma:

More redefining – and dismantling – of Western Civilization…

Republicans (not so shockingly) silent

The Problem with young Conservatives

Most people understand that Conservativism is often caricatured as a bad joke. Times they are a changing and Conservatives seem stuck, which apparently makes them a peculiar and curious sort of exhibit. In some extreme instances, Conservatives are said to have a kind of disease. Barry X. Kuhle associate professor of Psychology at the University of Scranton and featured author on “Psychology Today” says Conservatives admit many telltale signs of psychopathology. Khule even invokes the voice of Pope Francis who allegedly said that ideologically obsessed Christians are mentally ill. Now, Khule does use “Republican” and “Conservative” interchangeably – I think this is a mistake – and it’s not a surprising mistake for a generalizing liberal to commit. Of course, not all Democrats are “Progressives” anymore than all Republicans are “Conservative” (in the truest sense of those terms). But this really doesn’t change the point Khule is making because what he really wants you believe is that anyone who is not Liberal in some regard is de facto mentally ill. Ian Tutle, in an article he wrote for the National Review, tries to also demonstrate that Conservatives are mentally ill. In a humorous quote, he says: “And certainly this impulse [impulses related to metal illness] was on display in the quarrels above. How is one to debate whether Rudy Giuliani says what he does merely because he is a white supremacist? “But I am not a white supremacist!” he might object — which is, of course, what all white supremacists say!” So, by that very fact if one were to ask a black person – say the new Conservative Senator in South Carolina – if he were a “white supremacist” and if his answer was “no”, we should then assume that he is in fact a white supremacist by virtue of the fact that he said “No, I am not white supremacist”, since saying you are not a white supremacist de facto incriminates you as, well, a white supremacist.

Liberals work tirelessly to smear and poison the Conservative. They have an arsenal of linguistic devices used to elicit strong feelings of guilt and shame in Conservative people: “Racist”, “bigot”, “intolerant”, “homophobe”, “Islamophobe”, etc. These words are used so often that it has become increasingly difficult for people to understand what is meant by them. What’s more difficult for those using those terms is to provide any serious or meaningful definition of them (We should also demand people who use them against us to define them immediately). In each use of these words, one sees a pattern and that pattern is abuse. They function as a kind of punishment, and like all punishment there is a suggested wrong. Thus, these words are a means of redirecting the personality of an individual to see and behave differently. After bludgeoning people with these terms enough, these same people loose friends, loose jobs, loose any reputation they have and eventually the linguistic curriculum of the liberal is increasingly clear: be like this – the way we are – or be nothing at all. If they are not using terms like these, they are caricaturing your arguments, thoughts and beliefs. It is no surprise we have people like Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert who incessantly blur the line between caricature and real, genuine argumentative critique. The easiest thing to do is laugh with them and thereby separate yourself from Conservatives, for what your laughter implies is this: I am not one of them. Once again, laughter is used as a method to shame another. If someone is laughed at enough, they consider changing very fast…or they simply run and hide in silence.

Enter the young Conservative – or the Conservative of the most recent generation. The most bullied of people on the planet – but in the Liberal conquest of bullying and bullies, you will hear no support given to the persistent bullying endured by Conservative men and women – how is that for irony?

The young Conservative is silent and he remains so because he has been psychologically tortured by a movement that obsesses over the hate of others while ignoring their grand hatred for Conservative people. Is their no consistency to Liberals? But this is not entirely the Liberals fault. The young Conservative is ignorant too. The young Conservative is the kind of person that fights battles, not a war; in fact, I argue they are oblivious of any war going on. For this reason, you hear many young Conservatives arguing a particular issue. For example, abortion is one those issues. Many, many young Conservatives feel it is their appointed duty to defend the unborn life of children. Others devote much of their time to a traditional view of marriage and family. Still, others are concerned about religions that are not Christian. But beyond these very particular issues they don’t quite understand what it is they are fighting for, if anything at all.

Still, what they unite themselves to after repeated failure and loss in the face of opposition is their faith. But walking from mass to their home, locking their door and shutting the curtains, keeping away from “the world” will do nothing for their children nor their grand children’s generations. And if they keep the path of silence, clinging to “Leave my God and Jesus alone! Amen!” sort of attitudes, I suggest they refrain from reproduction; for, the sort of absence mindedness that breeds the kind of world you hide from will only get worse and to bring a child into that, when you are not willing to stand against it, is simply wrong. To remove yourself from the cultural fight, clinging to prayer and well wishes, means you do not find this nation or world worth living in and are merely biding your time until the “Lord calls you home” – life in such a culture is not worth living – and so giving a child life and existence within a culture you hate and despise, what you do not wish to defend, is imprudent behavior and arguably selfish on your part. I cannot imagine a happy life for that child.

But it’s understandable why young, Conservative people hide and keep silent. Too long have they been caricatured, made fun of, even called “insane” by a movement that is as vile as those things they claim to fight against. Here’s the problem: Many of them as Christians still believe in the unity and commonality of their religious tradition. So, being supported by this – by the hope and strength they get from it – they fight for things like pro-life issues, traditional views of marriage and family, and inter-religious issues. They can do this because their religious tradition supports and compels them to fight. There is nothing wrong with this; however, this does not prepare them to fight the “war”, only various kinds of “battles” (like abortion, or homosexuality, or religious issues). We must not forget that Christianity has an intimate union with Western Civilization, or the culture of European people. Much of Christianity informed the Western world, but much of the Western way of life was reconciled to Christianity (by men like Augustine and Aquinas). This cultural tradition and religious tradition are bound to one another, and disjointing them has only caused disastrous problems for the West. For this reason, Christians must remember a major support structure for their religion over many centuries has been and still is Western Culture. We must not forget that the philosophers and theologians brought a more rational attitude to the faith that allowed men to fight not only heretical problems but also cultural problems. Thus, our forefathers directed their attention to natural things and divine things. But the young Conservative Christian is content to deal with divine things alone and in so doing has broken away from tradition.

The problem we face is not one, two or even three issues – it is not abortion, homosexuality, or Islam for example – it is the functionality and identity of our nation. Is America to be a diverse nation – a nation with no common culture, that equalizes and validates every cultural standpoint as valuable and good along side one another, prohibiting a nation from having a particular identity with a group of people so that all feel equal? Or is America to be a nation with a common culture? A culture that is thought to be good, true, and pragmatic for all people. A nation that expects foreigners to assimilate and enjoy this culture and it’s benefits equally? Lastly, this would mean a nation has an intimate tie and relation to a particular people, for the European man helped usher America into life and thereby America is existentially and historically bound to them. Thus, a cultural majority of people whose very culture – their practices and understanding of reality – is directly linked to that nation’s identity; this culture would also be thought as dominant, true, and good. Fighting for this common culture and reinstalling this common culture would mean a unitary observance of things like the defense of unborn life, traditional views of marriage, and a prevailing view of the Christian faith. Of course, it would not mean each and every person was required to think like this or believe these things, but it would be the “American way” and there would be an expectation to assimilate into this way of life.

If the young Conservative feels in any way troubled by this, if they feel ashamed or embarrassed by this, then the workings of Liberalism and multiculturalism have had their desired result. You will go on fighting battles but you will go on ignoring the war that produces those battles – in more a literal sense, you will merely focus on aspects of the problem but never the problem itself. You will therefore fight endlessly to no end and to no avail. The only way to be genuinely and truly conservative is to defend and fight for the whole of something which has given you both an individual and national identity. Without this, you are nothing but a spiritualist. Your only identity is in Christ and while many of you find this satisfying, you must then accept that the world around you, which God has made us stewards over and commanded us to watch over, is not important to you in the least. It is not important that your children and their children will live here as well. You are nationalistically – and therefore culturally – nihilistic because you find no meaning or purpose beyond or outside your identity in Christ.

Young Conservatives must recognize the attack on their personalities – through language and caricature – and deal with these. More importantly, they must address the fundamental issue out of which ever other particular issue arises – like abortion and homosexuality – and focus their strengths and attentions there. The dismantling of Western culture – and the rise of multiculturalism and the idea of a diverse America – has elevated and birthed the problems we face today. Newer, more fresh problems will only continue to emerge if the real issue – and that is re-instilling a common culture and respect for Western Civilization – is not addressed.